About Us

JOGUSU International Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 1994 in collaboration with Lojigma International Ltd., UK and under license agreement with ROTECNO AG Switzerland to manufacture exclusively Rotecno Medical Fabric protective clothing and other hospital textiles as per the styles and design of European and USA hospitals.

The company is established with the Board of Directors consisting of highly qualified Textile technocrats, foreign nationals and NRI shareholders.

We at JOGUSU are committed for total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of product quality, process optimization and developing new products.

JOGUSU International P. Ltd. manufacture ROTECNO gowns under technology transfer agreements using ROTECNO medical fabric, which is produced in Switzerland. ROTECNO Medical fabric has unique liquid repellency and filter out the air borne skin particles and offer protection from liquid contamination. The fabric is light weight, permanent anti-static, breathable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Lint free, permanent anti-static clean room garments manufactured using LOJICLEAN clean room fabric suitable meeting clean room class 100.

Every item of ROTECNO Medical Fabric and LOJICLEAN clean room fabric is produced with unique Barcode number linked to dedicated computer software to maintain complete traceability of an individual product up to source of raw material.