Technical footwear

Geva Medic

insole with ventilation holes

Gevaclog with textile tube, sewed on with a zipper


General characteristics Geva medic:

  • Sterilization in the steam-autoclave 134°C
  • Washable and desinfectable
  • Conductive according DIN EN 344- ESD DIN EN 100015-1
  • Flexible, removable insole with ventilation holes (also 134°C)
  • With or without ventilation holes in the clog
  • Soft, supple and lightweight
  • Environmental approved
  • High resistance against chemicals,oils
  • Extra stability at the heel
  • Canal in the heel of the removable insole so that water can escape during washing, (i.e. the whole clog can be washed without removing insole if preferred)
  • CE labelled as a Class 1 Medical Device
  • Very Good resistance to abrasion
  • Hard wearing

Pro-Size : 36-46

Colors : White, Green, BLue